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Thank you my Hygienist Superhero…

Dental Hygienist | Bloor Smile Dental

Dental Hygienist Superhero….. “ I am a dental hygienist, what’s your superpower?” This quote, while it has a humourous undercurrent, is literally true. Think of why most of us go back to our dental offices over and over – it’s for that therapeutic session with our favourite hygienist which helps us dentally and mentally. While we chat away […]

Is yellow in fashion?

Teeth Whitening | Bloor Smile Dental

Why you should speak with your dentist before you try out a teeth whitening product! The American comedian Rodney Dangerfield said,” I told my dentist my teeth are going yellow. He told me to wear a brown bowtie.” On the surface, this seems like a joke, but the truth is that Rodney hit the nail on […]

Trypanophobia! What is it? And why you dont need to worry!

You shouldn't worry about Trypanophobia at Bloor Smile Dental

Facing your fears – You shouldn’t worry about Trypanophobia at Bloor Smile Dental Dentistry is a source of anxiety for many people. Are you anxious? And what is your solution? Just skip going to the dentist altogether? But then, that could lead to bigger problems that have scarier solutions…  Coping mechanism Finding coping mechanisms depends […]

Want a set of healthy teeth? These are some of the behaviors to avoid!

Like most of us, you probably think brushing your teeth and visiting the dentist regularly is enough to keep your smile healthy. However, bad habits can risk your teeth, such as eating too many sugary treats or avoiding regular checkups. If you want to keep your precious pearly whites in top condition, you must understand […]