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Is yellow in fashion?

Why you should speak with your dentist before you try out a teeth whitening product!

The American comedian Rodney Dangerfield said,” I told my dentist my teeth are going yellow.
He told me to wear a brown bowtie.” On the surface, this seems like a joke, but the truth is that Rodney hit the nail on the head with his comment.
The perceived shade of teeth depends on the shade of the surrounding gums as well as a person’s skin.
This is why people with darker skin tones, seem to have very white teeth while pale skinned people feel that they have yellow teeth. Tooth colour is relative.
Enamel, the outer layer of teeth is naturally white, while dentin the inner layer of teeth is yellow or sometimes greyish.
If the enamel is thin due to age related wear or in certain genetic conditions or simply from excessive brushing, the shade of the dentin will show through, making the teeth look “coloured”.
Colouring or staining of teeth could very well be from extrinsic stains from food or medications. While it is possible to scrub external stains, it is not possible to scrub out internal colouring. If you feel your teeth are turning yellow, please ensure you ask your dentist to figure out the cause.
If your teeth are yellow as a result of thinning enamel, overzealously brushing your teeth will only worsen the situation. Once lost, enamel never grows back.
The craze for white teeth has sent people in search of all kinds of whitening products starting from whitening tooth pastes to bleaching kits to charcoal scrubs to veneers. Some of these solutions can even lead to permanent sensitivity.
Ask the experts before jumping to self help solutions that might be counter productive. Reach out to us today….at Bloor Smile Dental our dentists will be able to advise you on appropriate treatments for your condition.



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