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Our staff comprises of professionals who have been in the business for over 30 years.



The big warm smile that welcomes you into Bloor Smile Dental or the chirpy voice that greets you over the phone, belongs to Diane!! Even though she enjoys calling the dentists “Boss” or “ Chief”, Diane is the “Big Boss” at Bloor Smile Dental. She has worked at Bloor Smile for around 20 years and knows everyone and everything inside out!!

She is thorough in her duties and shows great clarity in her communication with patients, doctors, staff, specialists and insurance companies alike.
Diane’s thoughtfulness is what touches people the most!! When she is away from the desk, Diane is usually helping a friend or neighbor in need. She loves to read and travel!!

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Josipa Stojak

Josipa, lovingly known as Baka, started off as a dental assistant and then moved on to dental reception. She keeps a sharp eye on the smooth running of the office. With her years of experience, she is the go to person for all kinds of trouble shooting. When she is not at the office, Josipa loves spending time with her grandchildren and playing cards with her friends.

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Family Dentists

Dr. Irma Kacur

Dr. Irma Kacur is a dental practitioner who has been providing dental care to patients in Toronto for over 30 years. Originally a graduate of the University of Belgrade, Dr. Kacur moved to Canada and completed her NDEB exams to procure her Canadian DDS in 1983. She has provided excellent dental care in the GTA since then.

She has a fan following in her patients who have followed her through her different practices and finally settled in comfortably at Bloor Smile Dental at which she has been since 2001.

Her interest in orthodontics has seen Dr. Kacur attend several continuing education courses in the subject , including the popular Invisalign form of treatment. She has walked many a patient to their dream of “A Perfect Smile” through successful Invisalign treatment. The non invasive nature of Dr. Chao’s pinhole technique to repair gum recession has grabbed her attention. Being trained in this technique, she offers the pinhole option to her patients instead of traditional surgery.

Not only is Irma an experienced dentist, but also a gifted artist. Other than that, she takes every opportunity to be a doting mom and grandma.

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Dr. Aarati Balakrishnan

Dr. Aarati Balakrishnan after completing her Dentistry from prestigious institutions both in India (Government Dental College, Mumbai) and Canada (Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto), went on to work in established clinics across the GTA for several years, providing meticulous and dedicated care to all her patients.

She is a member in good standing of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario and the Ontario Dental Association. She keeps abreast on latest dental treatment methodologies and patient care procedures by constantly pursuing continuing education programmes, including courses at the prestigious Toronto Crown and Bridge Study Club & West Toronto Dental Society. In recent years, her interest in specializing in implants has taken her through various courses in the US and Canada.

She believes in taking her time with each patient to ensure that they receive the necessary treatment, care and comfort. Her secret to success is that she makes her patients feel completely at ease in the dental setting while achieving great functional and aesthetic results.

Dr. Aarati shows a particular affinity for children or is it the other way around? Kids of all ages seem to take to her naturally and then dentistry is no longer an ordeal! Outside of work, she doubles as an avid reader, an occasional gardener, a yoga enthusiast, and a loving chauffeur to her two kids.

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Dental Hygenists


Mirjana is the embodiment of enthusiasm and thoroughness in everything she undertakes. Her goal is to bring every patient to the best level of oral health possible. Be it a detailed scale, oral hygiene instructions or maintaining the latest industry standard in sterilization, Mirjana keeps us all on our toes at Bloor Smile Dental. Never one to take a shortcut, you are guaranteed a great hygiene experience with her. Being a dentist from back home, she has a keen eye to diagnose any pathology even in its very early stages.
When she is not scaling every last piece of hidden tartar, Mirjana is multi talented with her tools- right from fixing her kitchen to styling her hair.

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Lepa has 25 years experience as a dental professional, including over 10 years as a dental hygienist. She regularly attends continuing education seminars and lectures where she gains ongoing knowledge about the latest oral health care practices. She is determined to provide the best individual care and information to her patients. Knowing that a smile is the best accessory, Lepa never fails to help others maintain theirs. In her spare time, Lepa loves to travel, cook and garden.

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Dental Assistants


Alma is the “All in all” at Bloor Smile Dental. If you are looking for something in the office, just ask Alma! She is originally a law graduate which explains why she puts so much attention to detail in everything she does – be it maintaining office policy or assisting the dentist or keeping track of the latest materials and products. Alma has been a certified dental assistant for over 20 years and went on to do a course in office management.

In her spare time, Alma likes to hang out with her husband and daughter and explore the cafes on Bloor Street. She is a fantastic cook and loves to travel!!

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Tsepal graduated from Everest College in Toronto. She has been working as a dental assistant at Bloor Smile Dental since 2016. She has effectively spent her time in integrating with the families. Tsepal has gained everybody’s affection in a short span with her congenial manner. Her extensive experience in sales and retail, make Tsepal a people’s person. She is always looking for ways to better the practice and take it forward.

She is fluent in Tibetan, Nepalese, English and Urdu. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her son and making gorgeous jewelry!

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