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Emergency Dentist Toronto

We do our best to accommodate emergencies. We offer limited evening and weekend hours – on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, our office is open up to 6 pm, and we are open on Saturday up to 4 pm.

We have a team of highly-trained and experienced dentists to take care of your emergency dental needs. We understand that anyone with an urgent need for dental treatment is looking for immediate, hassle-free care. So when you need emergency dental care in or near the Bloor West Village area in Toronto, contact our office immediately and set up an appointment with our dentists, Dr. Aarati Balakrishnan or Dr. Irma Kacur.

Emergency Dental Toronto:

We offer care for several different types of dental emergencies, including:

  • Severe tooth pain
  • A lost dental filling or a crown
  • Damage to the soft tissues of the mouth
  • A cracked or fractured tooth
  • A chipped or broken tooth
  • A knocked-out tooth

If you are dealing with one of these conditions listed here, or any other type of dental emergency, don’t delay getting in touch with our office. Our team may be able to provide you with instructions on how to take care of your injured teeth or your pain until you can come to our office and be seen by our dentists.

If you have experienced trauma to the head or neck, we strongly recommend that you visit the emergency room at a hospital closest to you before coming to us, even if it is your teeth that are damaged.

 If you are in the Bloor west village area and if you have any questions about dental emergency care, please do not hesitate to call our dental clinic at 416-604-4009.

Emergency Dental Clinic in Toronto

In the event of a dental emergency, having a trusted and experienced local dental team in your vicinity (Bloor West Village, Etobicoke, West Toronto) is crucial. At Bloor Smile Dental, we have extensive experience providing emergency dental treatment, ensuring you receive the professional care you need when unexpected dental issues occur. Our compassionate team is always available to assist you, providing a listening ear and understanding your unique situation. For any dental emergencies, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately at 416-604-4009.

Emergency dental clinics in Toronto | Bloor Smile Dental

Emergency Dentist Toronto

Same Day Appointments with our Emergency Dentist

We encourage you to contact Bloor Smile Dental directly in case of dental emergencies in Toronto, or other urgent care needs.

For the most prompt response, please call our clinic at 416-604-4009, ideally in the morning, or visit us in person for emergency dental treatment in Toronto West. Please inform us about your expected arrival time so we can efficiently prepare for your visit.

Our answering service will provide you with the necessary instructions for assistance outside of regular business hours. Don’t delay seeking care – reach out to your trusted family dentist at Bloor Smile Dental in Bloor West Village, immediately. For information about our comprehensive dental services please click here.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Dental Toronto

Can you go to the ER for dental emergency in Ontario?

If you need emergency dental care in Ontario and choose to visit an emergency room (ER) at a hospital, they will provide the necessary treatment and bill your health insurance.

However, it’s important to note that ERs are typically equipped to handle only health emergencies and may not be suited for specific dental issues. They might offer temporary solutions to alleviate pain, but a follow-up visit to a dentist is often required for comprehensive dental care.

For dedicated dental emergencies, we at Bloor Smile Dental in Bloor West Village, Toronto, are here to assist you. You can reach us at 416-604-4009 for prompt and specialized dental care.

For more information about getting emergency care at an ER in Ontario, please click here .

What Can I Take for Severe Tooth Pain?

If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, it’s crucial to consider your doctor’s advice and carefully read the directions on any medication bottle before taking pain relievers.

If deemed safe for you, over-the-counter pain medications such as Tylenol, Advil, or Aspirin may help to alleviate the pain temporarily. However, it’s important to remember that this is not a permanent solution. Dental pain is often related to nerve issues, and substantial relief typically requires professional treatment from a dentist.

In the interim, if you choose to take any pain relief medication, it’s wise to keep a record of what you took, the dosage, and the time of consumption. Please ensure to inform us about this when you visit our clinic.

Managing your pain is important, but addressing the underlying cause with a dental professional is essential for long-term relief. For personalized advice and treatment, we welcome you to contact us at Bloor Smile Dental in Bloor West Village, Toronto, at 416-604-4009.

What is a Dental Emergency?
  • Severe Toothache: Persistent, intense pain that disrupts sleep or daily activities.
  • Swollen Jaw or Mouth: Swelling that is significant or rapidly increasing, potentially indicating infection or abscess.
  • Bleeding Gums: Uncontrolled or unusual bleeding, especially if accompanied by pain or swelling.
  • Broken or Cracked Tooth: Visible damage to a tooth, particularly if it causes pain or sharp edges.
  • Knocked-Out Tooth: If an accident has caused a tooth to become completely dislodged from its socket, requiring immediate attention.
  • Lost Filling or Crown: If a filling or crown falls out, leaving the tooth exposed and sensitive.
  • Dental Abscess: Signs of an abscess, such as severe pain, swelling, and pus, which can indicate an infection.
  • Injury to Soft Tissue: Injury to the lips, tongue, or inner cheeks, especially if there’s significant bleeding or swelling.

In any of these scenarios, it’s crucial to try and seek prompt dental care to prevent further complications and relieve pain. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, contact Bloor Smile Dental in Bloor West Village, Toronto, at 416-604-4009 for immediate assistance. If after hours, please go to the nearest hospital emergency room (ER)

When is it the best time to see your Dentist for an Emergency

If you’re facing a dental emergency, the ideal time to contact your dentist is as soon as the issue arises. At Bloor Smile Dental, we understand that emergencies can occur outside standard business hours, including weekends and holidays.

In such instances, your first step should be to call us at 416-604-4009. If it’s not a life-threatening situation, we may be able to guide you to an on-call alternative for immediate assistance.

In those cases where a dentist is unavailable after hours, and the situation requires urgent medical attention, we recommend visiting the nearest healthcare facility or ER for care. Remember that timely intervention is vital in dental emergencies to ensure good oral health and overall well-being.

How do I prevent a Dental Emergency?

To minimize the risk of a dental emergency, here are some effective strategies:

  • Maintain Good Oral Hygiene: Regular brushing (at least twice daily) and flossing help prevent tooth infections and decay by removing food particles, debris, and plaque from your mouth.
  • Handle Dental Appliances with Care: For those with dentures, crowns, or fillings, it’s vital to handle them delicately to avoid damage or displacement. Always rinse your dentures before reinserting them and clean them nightly to reduce bacterial build-up.
  • Regular Dental Checkups: Visiting your dentist for routine checkups is crucial. These visits allow for professional teeth cleaning and enable your dentist to offer personalized advice on oral care, further reducing the likelihood of emergencies.

Incorporating these practices into your daily routine can significantly lower the chances of facing dental emergencies. Remember, consistent care is critical to maintaining oral health. If you have any concerns or need guidance, don’t hesitate to contact Bloor Smile Dental at 416-604-4009 for professional advice and support.