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With SureSmile Clear Aligners

Affordable SureSmile Clear Aligners Bloor West Village, Toronto

SureSmile Aligners: Advanced Orthodontic Solution at Bloor Smile Dental

At Bloor Smile Dental, conveniently located in Toronto’s Bloor West Village, we pride ourselves on offering cutting-edge dental solutions like SureSmile Aligners, an innovative orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth and get the smile that you have always wanted.

What are SureSmile Aligners?

Custom-Made Aligners:

Transparent, removable aligners tailored to fit your teeth.

Orthodontic Treatment:

Designed to correct misalignment, crowding, and spacing issues.

Improve your Smile:

SureSmile orthodontic aligners are a type of clear aligner used in orthodontic treatment, similar to other brands like Invisalign. They are custom-made, transparent plastic trays designed to fit snugly over the teeth. The aligners are part of a treatment plan that gradually moves teeth into their desired position, addressing issues like misalignment, crowding, or spacing.

aesthetically pleasing and highly effective

A discreet and comfortable alternative to traditional braces

SureSmile Aligners represents a modern approach to orthodontic treatment, offering a discreet and comfortable alternative to traditional braces.

These clear, custom-made aligners are designed to fit snugly over your teeth, providing a nearly invisible solution to teeth straightening. Made from durable, medical-grade plastic, SureSmile Aligners are both aesthetically pleasing and highly effective in correcting dental misalignments.

At Bloor Smile Dental, led by the experienced and accomplished Dr. Aarati Balakrishnan, we understand the importance of a confident smile. SureSmile Aligners are tailored to meet each patient’s unique needs, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a convenient and less noticeable orthodontic treatment.

Our patients appreciate the blend of effectiveness and subtlety that these aligners offer.

The smile you always wanted

The SureSmile® System

With SureSmile® Clear Aligners, you will receive a comfortable, predictable treatment process.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Receive a customized treatment plan tailored to your individual orthodontic needs. Aligners correct misalignment, crowding, and spacing issues.

Faster Treatment Time

Advanced technology often leads to shorter treatment durations. SureSmile aligners are effective in correcting dental misalignments.

Predictable Results

Precise planning means effective and timely outcomes. Aligners apply gentle pressure to shift teeth into the desired position.

Digital Imaging

3D modelling of the patient's mouth using advanced imaging technology for accurate aligner design.

Enhanced Comfort

Aligners are custom-fit, reducing irritation and discomfort. Their smooth, clear design makes for less noticeability.

Better Outcomes

Design and aligner precision ensures that each movement of teeth is carefully calculated, leading to better outcomes.

The SureSmile process:

1.   Initial Consultation: An orthodontist assesses the patient’s teeth and determines if SureSmile aligners are a suitable treatment option.

2.   Customized Treatment Plan: The dentist uses digital imaging technology to create a precise 3D model of the patient’s teeth. This model is used to design a treatment plan that maps out the movement of the teeth.

3.   Creation of Aligners: A series of custom aligners are manufactured based on the treatment plan. Each set of aligners is slightly different, moving the teeth incrementally towards the desired position.

4.   Wearing the Aligners: Patients wear each set of aligners for approximately two weeks before they switch to the next set in the aligner series. The aligners should be worn for 20-22 hours a day. The aligners should be removed before eating, brushing, and flossing.

5.   Regular Check-ups: Periodic appointments with the dentist are necessary and crucial to monitor progress and make adjustments to the treatment plan if needed.

How Does SureSmile Work?


  • Gradual Movement: Aligners apply gentle pressure to shift teeth into the desired position.
  • Sequential Use: Patients transition through a series of aligners, each worn for about two weeks.

SureSmile Aligners work by applying gentle, consistent pressure to the teeth, thereby gradually moving the teeth into desired positions over time. Each set of aligners is to be worn for approximately two weeks before you move on to the next in the series. This process is meticulously planned to ensure a smooth transition and effective treatment progression.

Dr. Balakrishnan and the team at Bloor Smile Dental closely monitor this progression. The precision and customization of SureSmile Aligners allow for efficient tooth movement, reducing the need for frequent adjustments. This approach enhances comfort and contributes to the overall success of the treatment, ensuring optimal results for our patients.

Our patients appreciate the blend of effectiveness and subtlety that these aligners offer.

How is SureSmile Different?

  • Advanced Technology: Utilizes precise digital mapping for treatment planning.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Aligners are custom-fit, reducing irritation and discomfort.

What sets SureSmile apart is its advanced technology and customized treatment planning.

Unlike traditional braces, SureSmile Aligners use precise digital scans of patients’ teeth, enabling the SureSmile team to create an ideally accurate and effective treatment plan.

This precision ensures that each movement of teeth is carefully calculated, leading to better outcomes.

Furthermore, SureSmile Aligners offer comfort and convenience that traditional orthodontic options cannot match.

Their removability allows for easier cleaning and eating, and their smooth, clear design means they are less noticeable and are less likely to cause irritation.

Bloor Smile Dental prioritizes treatments that yield excellent results and fit seamlessly into patients’ lifestyles.

Treatment Planning with SureSmile

  • Digital Imaging: 3D modelling of the patient’s mouth for accurate aligner design.
  • Tailored Plans: Customized treatment plans address individual orthodontic needs.

The treatment planning for SureSmile Aligners begins with a comprehensive digital scan of your mouth. This advanced imaging technology allows Dr. Balakrishnan to visualize the current positioning of your teeth and plan out each stage of the alignment process.

The precision of these digital tools ensures that every shift in your teeth is accounted for, laying the groundwork for effective treatment.

Once the plan is established, custom aligners are crafted to fit your teeth perfectly. This individualized approach is a hallmark of SureSmile treatment at Bloor Smile Dental.

Our patients benefit from a treatment plan that is not only tailored to their dental needs but also aligned with their personal goals for their smile.

Faster Treatment Time

  • Efficiency: Advanced technology often leads to shorter treatment durations.
  • Predictable Results: Precise planning means effective and timely outcomes.

One of the most significant advantages of SureSmile Aligners is that there is the potential for a shorter treatment time when compared with traditional braces.

The efficiency of SureSmile’s advanced planning technology often translates to fewer dental visits and a quicker path to achieving your desired smile.

For many of our patients at Bloor Smile Dental, this means less disruption to their daily lives and faster results.

Moreover, the precision of SureSmile’s custom aligners can reduce the overall duration of the orthodontic process.

Each aligner is designed to move teeth most efficiently, ensuring that every step in the treatment is optimized for speed and effectiveness.

This efficiency particularly appeals to our adult patients at Bloor Smile Dental, who often seek a quick and discreet orthodontic solution.

Minimal Discomfort

  • Gentle Correction: Aligners are designed for comfort while effectively repositioning teeth.
  • Less Irritation: Custom-fit reduces the risk of gum and cheek irritation.

SureSmile Aligners are renowned for their comfort. This is unlike traditional braces, which have the potential to cause irritation and discomfort due to wires and brackets; SureSmile’s smooth plastic aligners are gentle on your gums and cheeks.

This patient-friendly design is a crucial reason why many choose SureSmile for their orthodontic needs.

At Bloor Smile Dental, patient comfort is a top priority. We recognize that a pain-free treatment experience is crucial for patient satisfaction.

SureSmile Aligners are designed to minimize discomfort, making the orthodontic journey as pleasant as possible.

Their custom fit and gentle approach to teeth alignment ensures a comfortable experience throughout the treatment process.

What Does My Dentist Do In SureSmile Treatment?

Is SureSmile for Everyone?


  • Initial Assessment: Dr. Balakrishnan evaluates suitability for SureSmile.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: Regular check-ups to track progress and make adjustments.

Dr. Aarati Balakrishnan plays a pivotal role in your SureSmile journey. Her expertise guides every step, from the initial consultation to the final reveal of your aligned smile.

During the initial assessment, Dr. Balakrishnan evaluates your suitability for SureSmile Aligners, considering factors such as dental health, alignment issues, and your overall treatment goals.

Dr. Balakrishnan and her team provide ongoing support and monitoring throughout the treatment. Regular check-ups at Bloor Smile Dental ensure that your aligners function as intended and that your teeth move according to plan.

These visits are also an opportunity for you to discuss any concerns or adjustments that may be needed, ensuring a smooth and successful treatment process.

SureSmile treatment | Bloor Smile Dental


  • Varied Suitability: Effective for many, but not all, orthodontic cases.
  • Consultation Required: Assessment by Dr. Balakrishnan to determine candidacy.

While SureSmile Aligners are a versatile and effective solution for many orthodontic issues, they may not be suitable for everybody.

Some complex dental cases may require more traditional orthodontic treatments. During your consultation at Bloor Smile Dental, Dr. Balakrishnan will thoroughly assess your specific needs and determine whether SureSmile is the best option for you.

It’s important to note that commitment to the treatment plan is critical.

SureSmile Aligners require consistent wear and adherence to guidelines for maximum effectiveness. Dr. Balakrishnan and the team at Bloor Smile Dental are dedicated to helping you understand the requirements and benefits of SureSmile and ensuring that you make a well-informed decision about your orthodontic treatment.

Comparing Invisalign and SureSmile


  • Pros: Well-established brand with a broad range of treatable cases; offers flexibility in treatment.
  • Cons: It may be more costly; treatment time can vary based on case complexity.


  • Pros: Advanced technology for precise treatment planning; potential for faster treatment time.
  • Cons: Less brand recognition; availability may vary depending on the dental practice.


Both Invisalign and SureSmile offer clear, removable aligners as an alternative to traditional braces but differ in technology and approach. At Bloor Smile Dental, we can help you understand the nuances of each option, ensuring you choose the treatment that aligns with your needs and preferences.

What Does SureSmile Treatment Cost in Toronto?

In Toronto, generally, the cost of SureSmile Clear aligners treatment falls between $5,000 and $7,000. However, as explained in the points that follow, there are a variety of factors that affect the cost of your treatment.

  • Complexity Factors: Costs depend on individual treatment complexity. 
  • Insurance Factors: Coverage varies; consult with Bloor Smile Dental for detailed pricing.
  • Duration of Treatment: The cost of SureSmile Aligners in Toronto varies depending on the complexity of your case and the length of your treatment.
  • Competitive pricing: Generally, prices are competitive with other clear aligner systems. At Bloor Smile Dental, we provide transparent cost estimates during your consultation and discuss payment and financing options to accommodate your budget.

It’s worth noting that many dental insurance plans in Toronto offer coverage for orthodontic treatments like SureSmile. Our office staff at Bloor Smile Dental will be pleased to assist you in understanding your insurance benefits for your SureSmile treatment.

We are your source for affordable SureSmile clear aligners in Bloor West Village, Toronto.

How Do I Get Started with SureSmile?

  • Consultation: Book an appointment with Dr. Balakrishnan for an assessment.
  • Personalized Plan: Receive a customized treatment plan tailored to your orthodontic needs.

Beginning your SureSmile journey is straightforward. Please schedule a consultation with Dr. Aarati Balakrishnan at Bloor Smile Dental, where she will conduct a thorough examination and discuss your orthodontic goals

During this visit, you’ll receive all the information you need about SureSmile, including treatment expectations, duration, and cost.

Once you decide to proceed, we will next take digital impressions of your teeth to design your very own custom aligners.

Dr. Balakrishnan and her team will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a comfortable and successful treatment experience.

SureSmile Aligners at Bloor Smile Dental offers an innovative and effective way to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. With Dr. Balakrishnan’s expertise and our team’s commitment to quality care, you can comfortably trust that your smile is in excellent hands. Get in touch with us today to commence your journey towards a beautifully aligned smile.

Contact us to discover if SureSmile is the right choice for you.

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