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Trypanophobia! What is it? And why you dont need to worry!

Facing your fears - You shouldn't worry about Trypanophobia at Bloor Smile Dental

Dentistry is a source of anxiety for many people. Are you anxious? And what is your solution? Just skip going to the dentist altogether? But then, that could lead to bigger problems that have scarier solutions…

Coping mechanism

Finding coping mechanisms depends on what frightens you. Putting a finger on what your trigger is, will help finding a simple solution. If it’s just white coat syndrome, then some slow deep breathing while you are in the waiting room, should calm those nerves. Holding a stress ball, a squeezie or even a comforting hand during the procedure helps.


Did you know that fear of needles is called Trypanophobia? The first and simplest thing to do, is to close your eyes so you don’t see the needle. Request your dentist to use the numbing cream, to take the edge off. Sometimes, some cavities are small enough that they don’t even need freezing. Sitting through those,with no freezing might be easier than the trauma of getting frozen.

Listen or watch something distracting

Does the dental drill sound like a sidewalk drill to you? If that’s the case, a good set of headphones with a solid playlist is your answer. If the dental office has a radio, then just tune in and listen or watch something distracting on TV.
If you worry about your vicious gag, request lots of breaks to prevent the water from collecting in your throat. Cold water rinses to partially numb your mouth might help. X-rays and scanners that can take pictures or measurements from outside your mouth would make things easier.

But don’t cut that visit to the dentist!

If none of the above strategies help you, there is always the option of sleep dentistry. Remember, not going to the dentist brings on worse nightmares than going regularly and facing your fear. Also remember that regular checkups and cleanings at your dental office help prevent in many cases the need for emergency dental care!
Rest assured, our dentists will provide you a pleasant environment and use their expertise to provide you with a comfortable, painless experience. You will walk away with a bright healthy smile at the end!



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